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Lessons in the comfort of your own home, at times which are convenient (good) for you. With Skype you don’t have to waste precious time travelling and you can even do your lessons in your pyjamas!

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One to One, Face to Face, Your Needs, Your Lifestyle. We focus on what you need to learn and any topics you have not covered without the need to wait for your turn to speak.

Full Immersion Programme

Learn English in the sun, here in Gozo right bang in the centre of the Mediterranean. Discover Malta and Gozo while practicing your speaking skills everyday; in shops, supermarkets, banks, museums, bars or at the beach depending on your hobbies and interests.


Welcome to your very own private English lesson. Learn English fast, in a relaxed and fun way and in your own time. Lessons are adapted to fit into your schedule and are designed with your specific study goals and requirements in mind.

Whether over Skype or face to face on Gozo or Malta, whatever your level, we will work together to have you speaking , fluently in English, as soon as possible. Lessons are practical and skills-based , using everyday expressions and conversation contexts. You will gain self-confidence quickly and we will give you the support and encouragement, drawing on years of teaching experience, to reach your full potential.

In our Full-Immersion programme the focus is on learning English through DOING, the way children acquire a language, by listening, observing, feeling and repeating. You might be learning how to open a bank account or making a real-life telephone call in English, cooking a Maltese or Gozitan dish, trekking in the countryside and learning about herbs and wild vegetables, visiting hidden Malta and Gozo, seeing sights visitors don’t get to see, or just lying in the sun on an Island in the middle of the Mediterranean where English is an official language. Watch the video:


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Full Immersion English Tuition in Malta


I met Warren during a language stay of three months in Malta. A wonderful experience and  a nice meeting. Warren was the teacher of our group. Ten people with very different English levels...but he found a way how to animate his classes so that all students participate and it was very interactive. I had not planned it but I decided to continue to take courses with him and he was my teacher during all my stay. Warren knows how to adapt his way of teaching to the profile of his pupil. His lessons were lively. Warren is also a very kind person, he appreciates humor, likes to laugh. It is easy, pleasant and very interesting to exchange with him, I really enjoyed. So I want to thank him again for all those good and beneficial times.

My Feedback

Quotation begining Brigitte was quite anxious at first. I met her whilst giving a Business English Course to a mixed level group of French students on an internship programme here in Malta. Her level to begin with, was a weak elementary, but nevertheless she did her best holding her ground amongst intermediate and upper intermediate students. However she required a basic foundation in grammar and exercises to broaden her vocabulary. I suggested some self-study text books for both language skills and I recommended she purchase easy readers for her level that come with CDs/MP3s, so that she could both read and listen at the same time. We divided our lesson time in consolidating her grammar and conversation skills, practicing being interviewed and English for the hospitality industry. Brigitte fell in love with Malta and despite some setbacks,  she persevered in seeing the positive. Her can-do attitude together with her desire to continue working here, gave her the necessary motivation to master the language and to believe that one day she will be able to speak fluently in English too. Quotation ending

Brigitte Guibert

Hello everybody! My name is Mathias and I come from Germany. I have been taking private lessons since February 2013 and Skype lessons with Warren since July 2013 and I can recommend Warren’s service without reservation. Studying with Warren changed my learning experience in an extremely positive way. He is very patient and has outstanding teaching methods. I really noticed that my English skills have improved beyond my expectations. Especially my ability to communicate has been developed in a tremendous way. If you look for an experienced teacher who has distinct soft skills compared with the competence to push you to a higher level, then you are in the right place. By the way, you can talk with Warren about every topic from business English to colloquial language – The sky is the limit.

My Feedback

Quotation begining I have been teaching Mathias privately for over a year now, both here in Malta and online via Skype. Mathias and his family also availed themselves of a two-week, full-immersion experience this year in February, on Malta. Mathias is the most dedicated student of English as a Foreign Language I have ever met. Despite a self-professed learning block when it comes to languages, Mathias is determined to master the English Language. In just a few months he progressed from beginner to a high pre-intermediate, on his own steam, often spending three to four a day on self-study. His idiomatic use of English, surprises me as it is way advanced for his current level which is Upper Intermediate. Mathias’ on-line lessons are mainly conversation based as since he also attends ad hoc English Classes in Germany, he wishes to practice English Conversation twice a week, to remain fluent and at ease with speaking the language. We are now alternating conversation classes with Business English exercises such as e-mailing to consolidate his writing skills. I have advised him also to sit for his Cambridge First Certificate Exam as a goal to strive for.  My own personal job satisfaction comes from introducing Mathias to the world of literature. Mathias never used to read before taking up private English Lessons and this has now opened up a whole new world for him. Quotation ending

Mathias K, 40


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